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 New doctoral thesis on Renewable Energies

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PostSubject: New doctoral thesis on Renewable Energies   Sat 14 Feb - 1:17

Development of an optimal strategy for Combining Renewable Energies

Proposed to: Mme Belhour Souad
Original department: Physics, university Mentouri_Constantine Algeria
Promoter: Dr Abdelouahab Zaatri ,
Department of Mechanics, University Mentouri-Constantine Algeria
Description of the subject

To satisfy a demand for a specific zone characterized by some renewable energy resources, designing a system based on a single renewable resource leads generally to over dimensioning the energetic system.
For instance, if we consider the solar energy in photovoltaic and thermal forms, the wind energy and the biomass energy, such over sizing is due to the fact that we must take into account the random nature in time and space of the used renewable resource.
Indeed, these sources of energy are fluctuating and depend on many factors such as location, weather conditions, season, etc... This over sizing is also caused by the fact that we must not only meet the energy demand at any time but also provide additional storage capacity for later use in case the energy would fail.
It is necessary therefore to consider that this system over-dimensioning usually implies excessive space occupancy (large area of photovoltaic panels, large wind turbine blades, large bio digester...). This leads to an increase in technological complexity of the installation and of its cost. On the other hand, with a single energy source, there may be losses due to energy conversion into different types of use (electrical, thermal...).
In order to reduce the cost of the energy system based on a single renewable resource, our approach consists in considering, according to a specific zonal and demand caracteristics, the combination of two or more renewable resources that are available (solar photovoltaic, solar photo-thermal, wind energy, biogas produced-by-anaerobic-bioreactor).
Note that this approach that seeks to exploit the various renewable resources which are available into a region concerns both poor countries as well as industrialized countries. An example of a pilot project dedicated to a poor country is the project developed at the island in Tuvalu in Polynesia, launched in 2005 for ten years [1]. This project plans to combine different sources of renewable energies: photovoltaic, wind, and biomass. Similarly, developed countries like the European Union plan, since 2007, to develop a policy that exploits and combines renewable energies according to the specificity of the regions "A roadmap for renewable energy, preparing the way for the part of renewable in the energy mix of the EU reaches 20% by 2020." Furthermore, compagnies producing renewable energy are beginning to emerge [3].
In this context, the research proposed in this thesis consists in developing an optimal strategy that aims to provide an energetic autonomy for regions at a lowest cost. This means to study, model, analyze and design an energy system that combines in a complementary manner the available renewable energies to satisfy the needed demand.
The work consists of carrying out, in a first phase, a theoretical study, a modeling, a simulation and a realization of individual experimental prototypes (solar photovoltaic, photo thermal, wind, methane bioreactor). This study will be followed by a critical analysis which would identify the parameters influencing the performance and the cost of each energy system and their comparison.
In a second step, the work should consider the coupling of renewable resources to generate the best combination while taking into account the potential energy of the region, its characteristics, the demand and the financial capacity in short and medium terms.
Thus, the energy model and the local environmental proposed by the suggested approach should be able to be reproduced and adapted to different regional contexts.[i]
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New doctoral thesis on Renewable Energies
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