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 Robot Competitions

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ING Electronique
ING Electronique

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PostSubject: Robot Competitions   Sat 27 Jun - 1:37


Number of events currently listed:

Explanation of fields

Each listing may include these fields:

NAME........The name of the competition and/or sponsoring organziation.

LAST DATE...Date of the last known occurance of the competition.
NEXT DATE...Date on which the next competition will be held.
LOCATION....Location where next competition is to be held

EVENTS......A listing of the events included in the competition.
CLASSES.....Autonomous or Remote-Controlled robots.

SIZE........Notes on size or weight of robots that may enter.
AWARDS......Type or value of awards for winners.
INFO........Who to contact for rules, entry forms, or additional information.
OTHER.......Misc. additional information.

AAAI Mobile Robot Competition

NAME: AAAI Mobile Robot Competition
LAST DATE: Jul 13-17, 2008
NEXT DATE: Jul 11-15, 2010
EVENTS: Semantic Robot Vision Challenge
Human-Robot Interaction Challenge
Integration Challenge
Robot Exhibition
CLASSES: Autonomous
SIZE: See rules
AWARDS: See rules

Africa Championship Robotics Competition

NAME: Africa Championship Robotics Competition
LAST DATE: Jul 7-11, 2008
NEXT DATE: Jul, 2010
EVENTS: See rules
CLASSES: Autonomous
SIZE: See rules
AWARDS: See rules

All Japan MicroMouse Contest

NAME: All Japan MicroMouse Contest (23rd)
LAST DATE: Nov 21-23, 2008
NEXT DATE: Nov 21-23, 2009
EVENTS: Micromouse
Micromouse Expert
Micro Clipper
CLASSES: Autonomous
SIZE: 25cm x 25cm
AWARDS: Certificates

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Event Listing by Date

Jun 5-8, 2009 AUVS International Ground Robotics Competition
Jun 12-14, 2009 RoboGames
Jun 13, 2009 KCRS Robot Exhibition and Competition
Jun 13-14, 2009 Motodrone AFO Competition
Jun 19, 2009 SPURT
Jun 24, 2009 HBRC Challenge
Jun 24-26, 2009 MATE ROV Competition
Jun 27-28, 2009 International Autonomous Robot Contest
Jun 27, 2009 UK National Micromouse Competition
Jun29-Jul5,2009 RoboCup Robot Soccer World Cup

Jul 1-5, 2009 Botball National Tournament
Jul 7-9, 2009 Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition
Jul 11, 2009 RobotRacing
Jul 14, 2009 Elevator:2010 Climber Competition
Jul 18, 2009 RoboBombeiro
Jul 20-24, 2009 AUVS International Aerial Robotics Competition
Jul 20-24, 2009 K'Nex K*bot World Championships
Jul28-Aug2,2009 AUVS International Underwater Robotics Competition
Jul, 2009 Robo-Champion

Aug 18-20, 2009 FIRA Robot World Cup
Aug 26, 2009 HBRC Challenge
Aug, 2009 Robot Fighting League National

Sep 4-7, 2009 DragonCon Robot Battles
Sep 10-12, 2009 Robots at Play
Sep 14-17, 2009 European Micro Air Vehicle Competition
Sep 19-20, 2009 RoboCup Junior Australia
Sep 26, 2009 Robotour
Sep, 2009 Microtransat Challenge
Sep, 2009 Powered by Sun
Sep, 2009 ROBO-ONE Helper Robot Project

Oct 9-11, 2009 Robothon
Oct 23-25, 2009 Critter Crunch
Oct 26-28, 2009 Competencia Robotica (LARC)
Oct 28 2009 HBRC Challenge
Oct, 2009 Chibotica
Oct, 2009 EFUSION
Oct, 2009 MindSpark
Oct, 2009 Northern California Robot Games
Oct, 2009 Robot-Liga
Oct, 2009 Russian Olympiad of Robots
Oct, 2009 TECHACME
Oct, 2009 The Franklin Cup

Nov 6-8, 2009 Korea Intelligent Robot Contest
Nov 7, 2009 Bloomington VEX Tournament
Nov 7-8, 2009 Robotics Innovations Competition and Conference
Nov 21-23, 2009 All Japan MicroMouse Contest
Nov 21-22, 2009 Canadian National Robot Games
Nov 22, 2009 ABU Robocon
Nov 28-29, 2009 Roaming Robots Grand Final
Nov, 2009 DPRG RoboRama
Nov, 2009 FIRST LEGO League of South Africa Championship
Nov, 2009 Junior Robotics Challenge
Nov, 2009 ROBOMO Expo
Nov, 2009 Texas BEST competition

Dec 5, 2009 FIRST LEGO League of Central Europe
Dec 17-20, 2009 IROC International Robot Olympiad
Dec, 2009 ARADBOT
Dec, 2009 LVBots Challenge
Dec, 2009 PAReX Autonomous Robotics Competition
Dec, 2009 Penn State Abington Robo-Hoops
Dec, 2009 Robotex
Dec, 2009 Robotic Arena
Dec, 2009 South's BEST competition

Jan, 2010 Kurukshetra
Jan, 2010 Robotix
Jan, 2010 Singapore Robotic Games
Jan, 2010 Techfest

Feb 21-25, 2010 APEC Micromouse Contest
Feb, 2010 Pragyan
Feb, 2010 Techkriti RoboGames

Mar 12-13, 2010 AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Contest
Mar 20-21, 2010 Manitoba Robot Games
Mar, 2010 CIRC Central Illinois Bot Brawl
Mar, 2010 METU Robotics Days
Mar, 2010 RobotChallenge
Mar, 2010 Roboticon

Apr, 2010 Alcabot
Apr, 2010 Austrian Hexapod Championship
Apr, 2010 Baltic Robot Sumo
Apr, 2010 BattleBotsIQ
Apr, 2010 BlimpDuino Aerial Robotics Competition
Apr, 2010 Carnegie Mellon Mobot Races
Apr, 2010 DTU RoboCup
Apr, 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition
Apr, 2010 HISPABOT
Apr, 2010 Historical Electronics Museum Robot Festival
Apr, 2010 Istrobot
Apr, 2010 National Robotics Challenge
Apr, 2010 Penn State Abington Fire-Fighting Robot Contest
Apr, 2010 Penn State Abington Mini Grand Challenge
Apr, 2010 RoboRodentia
Apr, 2010 Robotica National Festival of Robotics
Apr, 2010 The Tech Museum of Innovation's Annual Tech Challenge
Apr, 2010 Trenton Computer Festival Robotics Contest
Apr, 2010 Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest
Apr, 2010 UC Davis Picnic Day MicroMouse contest
Apr, 2010 UNI Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge

May, 2010 Atlanta Robot Rally
May, 2010 Austrobot
May, 2010 CybAiRBot
May, 2010 Devyanin Mobile Robots Festival
May, 2010 Eurobot
May, 2010 ICRA Robot Challenge
May, 2010 Hawaii Underwater Robot Challenge
May, 2010 International Joint Robotics Competition and Workshop
May, 2010 ION Autonomous Lawnmower Competition
May, 2010 International Micro Air Vehicle Competition
May, 2010 Micro-Rato
May, 2010 NATCAR
May, 2010 PDXBOT
May, 2010 RoboCountry
May, 2010 RoboFest
May, 2010 Robotest
May, 2010 Robot-SM
May, 2010 RObotX
May, 2010 Singapore Underwater Robotic Olympiad
May, 2010 SwissEurobot
May, 2010 West Branch Robotics Challenge
May, 2010 Western Canadian Robot Games

Jul 11-15, 2010 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition
Jul, 2010 Africa Championship Robotics Competition
Jul, 2010 CIG Car Racing Competition
Jul, 2010 War-Bots Xtreme

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Robot Competitions
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